Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The Poo Fairy

Hello Everyone!

Obviously you know the big news that BHV, who has been a major part of the Rescue's team, has decided to reduce his role. Naturally his help will be very much missed, with the double blow that his wonderful blog will not be as filled with his own masterpieces because of it. Unfortunately for you guys, that means you get me popping up now and then and I cannot promise either his fancy photography or his humorous wit!

I should start by introducing myself. I am the current Animal Care Assistant at the Rescue, so apart from the founder and manager Caroline, I’m on site the second longest time of anyone. So, what is it I do? Aside from helping Caroline in various tasks like ferrying bunnies about or occasional food and water, my biggest and greatest task is being the Poo Fairy, where I wave my magic wand (aka dustpan and brush…) and wage war on the neverending forces of our constant nemesis, the Active Rabbit Digestive System*.

Of course, not everyone is happy about that…

Gnnnnghh! I just got my house just the way I wanted it!!”

(* Naturally I'm joking... a non-active digestive system is far more worrying a thing, although if you could teach them how to flush afterwards I'd be a) very happy and b) probably unemployed...)

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Tuesday Tail #54

It's that time of year again when I find myself spending many hours trawling my photo library from the past 12 months looking for shots I think might print well enough to appear in the calendar. Lots of stress and pressure to pick out photos that people might like, photos that are in focus, photos with a good balance of colour and, by some miracle (because it's bunnies), a complete absence of poo.

When I started looking I discovered once again that I have taken lots of photos I like that are the wrong shape for the calendar (portrait rather than landscape). This, like previous years, sent me into a panic and triggered two extra Sundays at the Rescue taking hundreds more (mostly very poor) photos. This also involved lots of standing in binky areas waving my fists at the sky cursing the Sun God for ruining all my shots with unsightly shadows. But no fear, I did get a few extra photos to present to Amy ready for her to choose her twelve. Once more I can relax. At least until she next emails me with feedback...

One pair of residents we really wanted to include were Archimedes and Boadicea. They are such a feature of the Rescue, it wouldn't seem right to have a calendar without at least one of them this time round, but again, no suitably oriented photos. So I took a few and I thought this one came out the best:

But then I figured maybe turning over to a new month to be faced with a carrot-fattened butt might not be what people buy the calendar for. Oh well, there's always the 2017 calendar Archimedes - you might have learned to pose the other way round by then!

Monday, 5 October 2015

All Fronts

"Rustling the kale bag gets you the Ear of Attention - you wanna shake out the carrots for a pair?"

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Big Changes?

I can't decide what to write here today. It's late and I'm exhausted, so maybe simple is best.

Last weekend I had my last official day as a weekly volunteer at the Rescue. I have been volunteering every Saturday, plus the occasional Sunday and weekday, for seven and a half years. At some point that became a problem without me realising. Maybe I should have checked my bank balance and looked around at my life more often. I guess you live and learn.

Well anyway, although I'm not sure how I will cope with not seeing all my little fluffy friends every week, as of this week I have been officially demoted from weekly to occasional volunteer. We'll see how that works out.

As I won't be at the Rescue every weekend I will no doubt be missing all the cute and crazy little things our furry friends do and say. I guess that means I will be posting on this blog less in future, but perhaps my fellow volunteers will be there to bear witness and report instead - I mean, someone still needs to stuff snacks and treats in those little moufs after all!

Big changes. Oh well, at least I will get more time to spend with this little guy...

"You did WHAT??!! What makes you think I want you messing up my Saturday plans?"

It's nice to be appreciated by your family. I imagine.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Chin Head

"Rosetta, just because I can't chin the top of my own head doesn't mean you can claim it - it's MY head!"

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Rosé and Chablis Home Again

Rosé and Chablis went to their new home this week. You may recognise them not only from this blog but because our photos of them have been used (with permission) a number of times by Best4Bunny in their rabbit welfare and education materials.

These two fun, excitable bunnies had been re-homed previously and sadly had to be returned to us, but they are such a wonderful pair they generated quite a bit of interest and now have another new home.

We will surely miss them, but we are so pleased they now have a family of their own again!

I didn't realise they were going this week until after it happened, but as luck would have it I happened to snap some pics of them on Sunday when I was at the Rescue.

Good luck in your new home girls!