Wednesday, 25 November 2015


When asked for parsley pictures for the theme, I realised I didn't have any. However, I did have a bag of parsley and a lot of test subjects. This turned out to be more difficult than I expected due to the sudden hyperactivity created by the appearance of little green sprigs but I eventually convinced a fairly shy rabbit to slowly creep out and sit still.

As for the others... Well, let's just say they weren't prepared to wait for me to sort the camera out.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015


As you can see, we have a theme for this week...

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Stress and Medicine

"I thought I told you not to take photographs from my bad side?"

This is nearest I've gotten to being bossed about by Whisky today as he is not feeling too well. His respiratory issues a few weeks back seemed to start a period of not eating much hay which affected his digestion, the antibiotics to treat the respiratory issues just seemed to make his digestion issues worse. He is now mainly ticking along eating a terrible diet of carrots, muesli mix and syringe food (and he hates syringe food). He flat out refuses to eat the good quality pellets that he loved his whole life until now. His eyes are weeping as well and his tail end needs multiple cleans a day due to the goo that comes out of him. Basically, he is a bit of a mess.

We do have a new medicine to start today, so we will see how that goes. In his mouth and then his tummy, is what I am hoping, but with the week I'm having I'll probably end up just wearing it.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

You Lose Some

When I went to put the fresh veg into the snackbarrow before breakfast I found not only a small amount veg left over from yesterday, but also a large number of poos. Almost like somebun had spent a fun afternoon just grazing the rest of the veg away.

So todays task: Keep Mr and Mrs Tubby-Fatbottom out of the barrow.

I think I succeeded, but it didn't feel like much of a victory. Probably because, after leaving the barrow unattended for a few minutes to retrieve some special diet snacks for sick bunnies from the other end of the Rescue, I returned to find this:



"Erm...we were just helping you clear up this veg out the snackbarrow entirely of its own accord. So, really, you should probably thank us for helping...with some treats?"

Well Boadicea, I would give you some carrot tops, but strangely none of the carrots in the snackbarrow appear to have tops anymore. I guess they fell off the carrots of their own accord too, did they?

Thursday, 19 November 2015

I Promise

"And so concludes the demonstration. Now, if you don't get with the snacks pronto, it'll be more than just a plastic stool I'll be putting on its head."