Thursday 1 September 2011

Theyranwhentheysawus Rex

Don't worry, I know EXACTLY why you are here reading the blog this week. But before I move on to that...

Saturday was completely hectic. Whilst in the middle of dishing out breakfast to everybun at the Rescue I received a text from Caroline telling me that she had been taken suddenly very ill. It was already late morning, but she was going ask Vicki to try and cancel all her appointments. If anyone DID turn up, please could I apologise, give them the tour and the talk and ask them to come back next week.

Oh dear.

I don't really do visitors, I'm more about the bunnies. Fortunately most of the visitors did receive the message, so I just had to deal with one pair of holiday boarding bunnies and the two sets of visitors that didn't pick up their messages in time.

Well, as always it's good to learn new things and this week I learned that if Caroline ever did put me in charge of the visitors we'd only ever have time to see 2 sets a week. It turns out that if you get me started talking about bunnies it's difficult to make me stop! I talked at people for most of the afternoon.

"Get on with it!" I hear you cry.

Yes, so anyway, the reason why you are here, the reason why none of the other volunteers did any work on Saturday and the reason I'm receiving emails from the rest of the Rescue committee enquiring if I have any new photo sets this week. Our new residents.

On Thursday last week we received 11 new bunnies. Yes, that's right, 11. In one day.

But don't worry, they don't take up much space. Yet. They are tiny little babies. (You at the back - stop squee-ing! Wait for the pictures!)

It turns out that, not only should you not trust your local pet chain-store to correctly sex your rabbits, or your neighbour who is unloading their former-children's-'toy' on you, but you also shouldn't trust a random stranger that offers to meet you in a car park to hand over their "female" rabbit to go with your existing two un-spayed girls. Yes, you read that right.

Well anyway, my purpose for telling you how busy I was Saturday was that I needed you to understand why I hadn't had time to take lots of good pictures of our new friends. So no ultra-cute or particularly well composed ones for you this week, but I did manage to snap a few quick pics just so you can have a peek. Much better than this, before I received Caroline's message I managed to record a short video of them eating breakfast, but if you want to see that one you'll need to head over to our Facebook page and have a look on our wall. (We haven't quite graduated to the leagues of having a YouTube channel yet.)

So here you go. Meet Frolic, Fancy, Frilly, Lassie, Frisky, Flipper, Fubit, Fitz, Columbo, Fletcher and Kagny!

"Breakfast" was adequate. Now what of this "dinner" of which I've heard speak?


  1. Would love to check out your Facebook page, but clicking on the link only takes me to my own page. Doing a search for "rabbit residence rescue" doesn't bring anything up, either. How are you listed there?

  2. Jade,

    I've checked the link and it seems to be OK. We are "The Rabbit Residence Rescue", found at

    Facebook does behave oddly occasionally. If you can't get the link to work, try logging in to Facebook normally first and then just copying the URL directly into your browser.

  3. I had the same problem as Jade.

    Those bunnies are gorgeous! They look like hares! Just precious! And, all of them carbon copies of the others! Thank you for taking such good care of the bunnies! I would take more, but I'm at bun capacity now. Soon I'll be able to help another bun or two. Hoping for more space for more bun houses. :)

  4. OK, I think I've figured it out - our Facebook page is configured to only be visible in the UK. I probably did that to stop Caroline from accidentally breaking any international laws! I'll look into it and see if we can open it up.