Tuesday 25 September 2012

Little Devil

I took this little bun to the vets recently for his vaccination. The vet’s first words were to the effect of ‘Wow, he looks like a character…like a little devil’. She later seemed to decide this might not have been the right thing to say and revised her description to ‘mischievous’.

“Do I look mischievous to you?”

So far I think my description would be ‘enthusiastic’. He’s also a proper little boy and displays classic flirting behaviours – running ten non-stop loops around my ankles is not uncommon at the moment. He’s booked in with the vets to be neutered this week and I’m hoping he doesn’t become too sedate, but it needs to be done of course so that he can have a friend.

“Did I hear the word ‘vets’? You’d better not take me back there or I will show my devilish side”


  1. I doubt it will make that much difference Speedy has been neutered about 7 to 8 months now and he still flirts with me

  2. I'm surprised he could hear you say 'vet's' over my squeeing..