Friday 26 October 2012

Serena Recovery Time

Thanks to a number of generous friends (and Facebook fans) of the Rescue, Serena had her operation on Wednesday. She is now back at the Rescue and starting her slow recovery.

"Don't give me your sympathy, give me your parsley! And maybe another bottle of that magic pain medicine..."

The lump behind her eye turned out to be an abscess rather than a tumour and was removed by the same surgeon that Whisky has been saved by on a number of occasions. Once she is over the initial recovery period, Serena and her partner Sushi will most likely be moving in with a couple of our committee members to live as house rabbits. There she will have a safe and unchanging environment where she can learn to race around navigating with her remaining eye and senses.

We all wish you a speedy recovery, little one!

NB - If you are feeling brave you can see the side-view of her, showing the extent of the surgery, here.


  1. get well soon sweet heart,xxx Speedy and mum

  2. What a brave bun! I couldn't tell in the side picture though, but did she lose her eye to the abscess? I wish her all the very best in her recovery, and yes... Give the girl some parsley!

    Is the vet concerned that the abscess might come back? My Jamili had recurring abscesses around one of her eyes and it turned out to be lacrimal duct infection. It wouldn't clear until she was treated with chloramphenicol (even though none of her cultures came back positive for organisms sensitive to chloramphenicol--our vet checked with others and found out that some organisms are very difficult to culture but might still be present). Just wondering...

    1. Yes, they removed the eye to get at the abscess (which they thought was a tumour until the eye was out). It was pushing her on her eye from behind and was getting rapidly worse. She couldn't close her eyelids and was having daily flushing and gel applied until the operation.

      The abscess could well come back, but if it does it would grow into the eye socket and hopefully not be as painful, hopefully easier to retreat now if necessary.

    2. Best wished to this brave bunny as she recovers. I certainly hope the abscess does not return. My Jamili had to go through 5 or so surgeries (there were so many I can't even remember the total anymore) before it completely cleared out. They are tough little suckers! One thing I did learn is that bunnies are strong little ones, and I was grateful I was there for my bunny. I'm very glad Serena has you.