Monday, 13 May 2013

The Beast Awakens

Long term rabbit residents Clarence and Cora are reknowned for lounging sweetly together. The other evening during their free range time I was in the kitchen and saw they were lounging on the lawn together, soaking up the milder weather. A perfect opportunity to sneak up with the camera I thought…. As often happens, I was not sneaky enough and it was too close to tea time so they started to shift as I got closer. Hm I thought, maybe I’ll be able to get a photo of one of Cora’s lovely stretches and yawns that she always does when she gets up from a good nap. She promptly stretched over to the right so that she was hidden by a tube as she yawned. Opportunity missed. Then to my surprise Clarence starts to do a big stretch in my direction. Hurrah! My first photo of a big yawn. Shame dear Clarence looks absolutely terrifying in it!

“Human, please observe here my pointy teeth. If you keep insisting on getting hold of me every third day to jab me with antibiotics I will be using them on you.”

Clarence is actually a real sweety. He acts all butch, often charging into your hand at food time and grunting threateningly, but it’s all ‘talk’ and he’s a big softy really. He is very good at having his injections – sits nice and still until I’m done. Then stomps his disapproval once back in their playhouse and run.

"Hey, human! Stop ruining my bad boy reputation!"


  1. He does look terrifying in that yawn! Sweetly terrifying...Dang, I have a weakness for the floofy bunns!

  2. Amazing photo; have tried for ages to get one of mine yawning and failed miserably.

  3. Bunny yawns are awful. Period.

  4. Great photo! Clarence's ears look somehow much cuter in yawn position!