Saturday 26 September 2015

Premiere Treatment

"Red carpet? Photographer? Do I have a movie coming out I don't know about?"

Sorry Connor, it's just photo day! We want a good picture to show you off to the world!

"So there's not even a buffet??!! TAKE ME BACK TO MY HOUSE!!!"

OK fine, I'll go get you some snacks...

"Putting me out here with no buffet, pfftt, silly human, you'd think they were the ones in charge. AND HOW ABOUT A TALL DRINK TO GO WITH MY SALAD??!!"


  1. Aww.. What a little cutiepie.

    .. Wanna move to Canada? How do you feel about maple cookies?

    1. Too late, Connor has now bonded with someone's rabbit ready to be rehomed! She's a lovely rabbit too, dentally challenged like Connor and super friendly like him too. Yay! :-)

    2. YAY! He found a home and playmate!

      .. Means he doesn't have to get a passport. ;)

  2. Bunn-bunn, no one thinks B-HV is in charge. I mean, he does a really nice job, but everyone knows who is pulling the strings.

    Shady, I think Connor needs more details. Are these cookies just shaped like a maple leaf? Is maple syrup involved in the course of making these cookies? Do you have a fully-staffed quality control department? And, yes, I am the definition of fully-staffed..

    1. They are like oreos, but shaped like maple leafs and made with maple sugar. :) They're very yummy. And addictive.

      I always share. :)

    2. Walk to the store - pick a box up off the shelf. :)

      If you want to email me your address, I'll ship you a box. lappleby @ :)