Tuesday 23 February 2016

New Boys

When cleaning the aviaries Monday last week, imagine my surprise to find we'd been invaded by a trio of the most hideous little things known to Man. Yesterday they were not only a horrible distraction from my hard work but I ended up spending several minutes pinned to the floor of the hutch by two sitting on my back, who both decided my jumper didn't have enough holes in it.

It turns out, somewhat infuriatingly, that these little guys are the produce of not one whoopsie from a missexed pair, but two in a row. Caroline felt compelled to take the males from the latest litter to avoid a third generation accident.

They appear to have been the advanced scout party for baby bunnies, as a further four may be making their way onto the Blog in the near future!


  1. You know, that has happened to us several times this year, too. Oh, the horrible, little nasty things . . . just can't take your eyes away. And, ask yourself, can a jumper ever have too many holes?

  2. But don't you just love their little white noses...Also bunnies are noted for their fashion eye, jumpers with hole in the back are going to be the next major fashion statement. And did I mention their cute white noses.

    1. As an aside, the reason for their names is simple- Socks has a white sock on one foot, Slipper has a white slipper and Stockings (who I keep wanting to call "Suspenders" by accident) has a white stocking ;)