Monday 21 March 2016

Return Of The King

After some time in a shed, although he still has a bandage up his leg that must be regularly changed at the vets, Archimedes has been allowed some roaming time. He does not go far from his new house but the decision was made after his wife Boadicea started to become unwell and we believe it was related to her becoming upset at their combined confinement.

"So tell me, what's been happening while I've been away?"


  1. So very hoppy to see the king and queen out and about once more. May there be a large green wheelbarrow in their future!

    1. . . . With perhaps a royal crest on the side . . .
      nothing too ostentatious . . . just a tasteful little reminder of what's what . . .

  2. I so hope this two will soon be their old selves. Thanks for your care.