Tuesday 16 August 2016

Done Searching?

Google has been dating this month. Sadly it didn't work out with Pipkin, who is now quite elderly and completely blind. No matter how sweet he tried to be she'd startle, panic, lash out and kick off tension between them. This week he has been seeing Tinsel who, despite being barmy crazy in her interactions with humans (she suddenly and without warning launched off a table at me once) has been much more relaxed with him. Too relaxed? Only a little more time will tell.

"And this is date food, is it? I can't have something more romantic, like some roses to nom?"

[sigh] We'll see what we can do, G2, we'll see what we can do...


  1. I am sorry to hear this about Pipkin. I wasn't aware of his situation. I wish he had some bunny company. I do want to say in Tinsel's defense, when you are launching yourself at a human, the less warning, the better.

    1. Sadly this year we have lost Bandit (Pipkin's husbun), Liberty (G2's wifeybun) and Jon (Tinsel's husbun). Pipkin has developed cataracts in both eyes and appears to be completely blind, her health has been poor at times though she seems a little improved now. Tinsel is crazy, crazy, crazy. Crazy. When a bun leaps off a table, it is generally advisable to give surrounding humans at least some warning lest they die of shock or find themselves unprepared to launch themselves into the air for an expertly timed interception to avoid bun dropage.

    2. Oops, you're right. Avoiding that bunn dropage is very, very important.