Wednesday 25 January 2017

The exception to the rule

So we all know 99.9% of rabbits don't like being picked up. In all my years of having rabbits and being involved in rescue. I've only met two.

Is it a coincidence that they were rabbits who had both been single for a long time, probably not.

One of the rabbits is pictured above.

If ever there was a perfect rabbit, it would be Jasper. Jasper loves head rubs, he would climb onto your lap or up your legs until you picked him up. He loves a cuddle and will fall asleep in your arms.

Did I mention he's perfect. He never chews anything he shouldn't and he never misses the litter tray either.

Jasper loves his new home, he's completely free range and sleeps on his owners bed at night.

Being the worlds worst person at fostering I cried all the way from dropping him off to the rescue.

That was my first day volunteering at Rabbit Residence and also the day I first met Rose and Shadow (Miss Maple and Morse) and Claudia too.

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