Saturday 4 March 2017

Spring Solstice

Hello, BHV here.

You wouldn't guess it from looking at the state of the decorating in my house, but I don't like leaving things unfinished. Reading the post about Lindor Thursday, I noticed looking at an old post of his butt that I never followed up with a post of his partner Solstice as I promised.

Looking back, it turns out I only have a few photos with her in so it is not entirely surprising, but regardless I have been summoned back to BETT to make up for it today. So here you are, a random post of Solstice.



"Is this why we still don't have our own family, because you forgot to tell people I was here??!!"

Sorry, Solstice! I am trying to make it up to you now (maybe plus some treats)!

Don't leave me feeling guilty, people. Adopt them. Adopt them now.

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