Monday 12 June 2017

Romeo & Leo

Sometimes we get some strange requests from the bunny mum and dads who's bunnys stay with us whilst they go on holiday but thankfully 99% of people are really quite normal!

We did get a request from Aleah the other day who asked if her bunnies, the gorgeous Romeo and Leo could have their own blog post.

Introducing Romeo and Leo, looking especially cute as they wait for their mum to come and collect them later today.

We hope you enjoyed your stay boys and that we'll see you again soon.


  1. Well said Rupert that goes to show that our bunny mum could do better as she didn't ask for a post for any of us six and she also collected us from boarding today.

  2. I think Rupert if we posted your photo your mum would have to keep you under lock and key as you're so gorgeous our readers would all want to Bun nap you