Saturday 19 May 2012

A Case of the Munchies

For some time I have been looking for a clear guide that shows not only what rabbits can eat veggie-wise, but also some indication of suitable amounts. I mean, I've tried asking several bunnies how much veg I should give them but they never give me a sensible answer, or not one I believe anyway.

So I was very excited this week to discover on the RabbitRehome forum that someone has taken the HRS safe fruit and veg list and turned it into a handy chart(click link below):

Quick reference House Rabbit Society's suggested daily vegetable and fruit

Isn't that cool?! And I will so be having words with Jemima about how on earth she reckons "about a sack" of carrots fits into two table spoons.


  1. Great chart, have printed it off and put it where my buns can read it, who,like Jemima, are constantly urging me to up their amounts of carrots and grapes.....especialy grapes. (which,guys, is not on the list so maybe I should cut them out altogether!)

  2. Great chart--very helpful indeed, although Mr. Mick points out that those are what humans think rabbits should get and not what rabbits say rabbits should get. He says kale should be unlimited, as well as any and all treats, and if we'd just let them at the fridge whenever they want, it'd be just fine.