Tuesday 8 May 2012


Today (Tuesday) was great weather for the lawn. It rained over night, meaning the grass got a proper watering, the temperature stayed above the requisite 6 degrees centigrade required for growth and we even got our weekly hour of sunshine this afternoon! As if by magic (or because I didn't stop to notice the last few days when it was chucking it down with rain) the grass seemed to shoot up and dandelions appeared. Dandelions, though a weed to some, are a luscious treat for our furry friends.

I could see the eagerness in Jemima and Elvis' faces as they eyed them up from their run. Which was unfortunate, because Serena (with Sushi) had her playtime in the garden first and ran round systematically devouring the lot.


Sorry J+E - next time you can go first, promise!


  1. May the dandelion season continue for ages so everyone can enjoy!