Thursday 22 November 2012

Board Stiff

Earlier this week while cleaning out the spare room, I uncovered a large piece of cardboard I had been using to stop the foster bunny cage from scuffing the wall. So I did the only sensible thing a bunny parent can do when finding a large piece of cardboard - I folded it up and gave it to my little fluffy boy to play with.

He's not usually fussed with cardboard (he can't chew it, what with the no front teeth) but this time for some reason he really took to it and now Whisky has a new favourite place to sit and watch the world from for hours on end.

"I am Bunman. This is my secret bun-cave. And BTW, the bun-mobile only has one seat, so if you want to be my side-kick you'll have to go in the boot."

Often it's the simple things that bunnies enjoy. He doesn't stay in there all day of course - as well as the odd random lap of the house to make sure everything is where he left it, he also comes out for his evening yoga session...



  1. Whiskey my boy you are the second love of my life,Speedy is my first!

  2. God Grant You Many Boxes, Whiskey!!

  3. Whisky really is the sweetest little chap.