Friday 30 November 2012

Instinctive lack of lawn

As you all know, domestic rabbits still have quite strong wild instincts. Digging is a key instinctive behaviour leading to tidy lawns being a thing of the past.

“You didn’t need this patch of grass, did you? Thought I’d turn it into a new veg patch.”

“Carrots, cabbages and dandelion planted. Time to wash my paws ready for tea.”


  1. enjoy a rest after all that hard work!

  2. Queen Boo says you don't appreciate her abstract gardening and the muddy kitchen floor she left for you to clean up. You should be thankful that you are allowed to bow and kowtow and tidy up after Her Grace! THE QUEEN IS MUDDY! GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!

  3. You can hear the bunnies say
    As they're headed out to play.
    "Got to dig a hole, dig a hole,
    dig a hole a day!"

  4. Haha, she definitely thinks I should be honoured to clean up after her! Fortunately she doesn't managed a hole a day!