Monday 3 June 2013

Archi-Type Nap

Caroline has been having another go at trying to convince Archimedes that having a girlfriend might be something he'd enjoy.  I am looking forward to the latest update on how that's going - while I was there he showed little interest in his date (well, he did chase her off a couple of times) and was far more concerned about bugging the volunteers for attention.  This was, of course, when he wasn't engaged in his other favourite pursuit - taking naps anywhere he happens to be when he feels a yawn coming on.

The Helicopter Nap

The "I am a piece of wood" Nap

The "I heard you coming, just don't block my rays" Nap


  1. That is one big beautiful boy!

  2. Nothing like a nice nap to perk you up for a few mins!

  3. A wife would nag him that he takes too many naps.