Wednesday 27 November 2013

Floof Facing

Sometimes with super-floofs, all you can do to find out which way they are facing is put to the food down and see which side of the floofy mound it disappears into...



  1. Erica, I think you are really on to something here. We are going to put this to good use!

  2. Erica needs me to be her mommy!
    1. I LOVE the floofy bunns!
    2. I would LOVE to get a hold of all that floof and make her beautiful with a makeover and some ribbon and bows and hair clippies!!!
    3. I LOVE floofy bunnies!!!

  3. Oops, I thought Erica was the photographer/genius bunny handler whose solution to this conundrum was really a giant step forward for all those charged with the care of bunny wards every where. Sorry, B-HV.