Wednesday 11 December 2013

This Is The End

People who don't live with rabbits often don't realise they have proper tails. Even from fairly close, most bunnies look like they have a ball of floof stuck to their butt, but what you are seeing is just the end of the tail. Like most animals, our little fluffy friends have proper tails they use to aid their balance, it's just that theirs are mostly tucked underneath out of sight

At the Rescue, we are of course well aware of the true shape of a rabbits tail because we deal with so many sick and mistreated bunnies needing them trimmed or cleaned. When the tail becomes wet and the floof flattens down, you see an entirely taily-looking tail.

For all my experience and time around rabbits though, I must admit I don't see this all that often - as Einstein relaxed into his dreamy mega-afternoon-nap, his big floofy tail just rolled out flat behind him! How cool (and slightly weird looking) is that??!!

(Note - keen-eyed readers will have spotted that this is the other end of what we saw yesterday.)


  1. bunny tails are amazing, you're right, that's a great photo to show just how long they really are

  2. When my bunnies are laid out and their tails are flat out, I can't help but give them a tweak!
    Yes, they heartily disapprove with a grunt and a thump and some foot flicks.
    I just can't help it!!!

  3. Well, Einstein, you are just as photogenic from either end!

  4. These are just amazing pictures (and amazing prose accompanies them). At first I thought we had another mammoth sighting at Rx3. Not to make a big deal out of this but this "floofy lump" enjoying his "dreamy mega-afternoon-nap" trusts you. I supposed you got all the appropriate releases signed, before Einstein consented to participate in this educational feature?

  5. That is one impressive tail.

  6. beautiful tail!Speedy likes to have his petted and played with during cuddle time he really doesn't mind the touch of his fluffy tail,xx Speedy