Friday, 7 February 2014

Cutie Feets


  1. Oh my love these floofy toesies,xx Rachel

  2. Fantastic! It is talk-to-the-tail-while-I-ridicule-you-time! If that doesn't say "bunny," what does?

  3. You all really take care of the nicest bunnies. Here in Texas we don't have to fancily rig hidden cameras in a bunny's lair to get to "talk to the tail." We just have to look in their direction.

    Years ago a group of friends caught my beloved Welsh professor of classics building an elaborate wooden castle for his grandchildren. One woman said, "You know they will just tear it up, don't you?" He politely replied, "These are Scottish children."

    All I want to say is you all have really got it going on over there. Hats off, Huzzah!