Sunday 23 February 2014

Whisky's Weekend Wipe

I did a supply run for home yesterday:- we now have enough hay and pellets to keep little mouths occupied for a few weeks. I also picked up some dried herby goodness to mix in with the hay to make it more interesting and encourage foraging, especially for my foster bunnies.

The herb snacks are great, but today Whisky reminded me of one of the key rules of rabbits - no matter how much they climb on you and pester you while you're trying to watch Saturday night TV, and regardless of how healthy the snacks are, never let your bunnies convince you they should have a plateful of something new. New foods need to be introduced gradually because failure to do so can result in upset digestion and a joyful morning of bottom cleaning.

I think Whisky knew what was coming before I did, since he was mysteriously keeping out of my way first thing. But I am sure, despite what the post-clearup glares I'm getting might tell you, he's happier now that his floor and fur are sticky-poo-free.

"Gradually? So if you gave me more of my regular treats it would balance out?"

Nice try little one, nice try.


  1. I love that face. I wish I could just give him kisses on that little mouf at will!!!

  2. a happy Whisky is all we need in this world,xx Rachel

  3. Could be worse, though--Mr. Mick has to have the dreaded butt bath on occasion because his buttsplosions are legendary. His diet has been changed so that there's fewer than there used to be, but it appears to be a chronic condition with him. Not fun for Mum nor bun for sure.

    1. Whisky was a poster child for buttsplosions when he first came to me, the lack of front teeth and messed up jaw really didn't help in him sorting them out for himself I don't think. Similarly, I eventually sorted it through diet changes, on the most part by not letting him be in the same room as any fruits and also cutting out "spring greens" completely. Anouska, one of the foster bunnies, is great at cleaning herself but not the rug she insists on exploding over. Diet adjustment in progress on that one...
      In summary Jade, I feel your pain!!

  4. if our Whisky wants to BUTTSLODE (LOVE that term, btw) you better appreciate the effort he put into it and clean it up with a smile and tell him how pleased you are and how pleasant it smells!

  5. Well, I'm just happy to hear Whisky is nomming away on some goodies, even if does involve bunny buttsplosions (best new bunny term for my bunny health glossary!)

    PS-Love the Monday mouth theme :)