Friday 25 April 2014

Wait For It...

Sorry there was no post first thing today - I was at the Rescue last night dishing out dinner, after a last minute request from Caroline for "emergency cover", so unfortunately I didn't have any time to prepare a blog post for this morning. Couldn't leave you bunniless for the day though, so here's Nelson to further apologise on our behalf:

"What? Why do *I* need to apologise for *you* not posting? Oh hang on, I just remembered who's making my breakfast in the morning... Yes, apologies from all of us! (That's extra snacks for me tomorrow, right?)"


  1. Almost NEVER a spare moment when tending the Bunns!!! Know the feeling ...

  2. Thank you for coming to the rescue of the bunnies. It was very fine of you. I am very sorry that when you asked for some extra help, you got a bit blind sided by a self seeking, conniving little rascal. I am guessing you caved in.