Sunday 21 September 2014

Another Wee Tale

Today on the blog was going to be a happy tale all about how sweet Whisky has been recently, regularly joining me on the sofa to watch TV or take naps. But it is not. Why?

Did you ever suddenly and unexpectedly find yourself sat in a warm puddle of wee (that wasn't your own)? I did. On the sofa this morning.

So let's take a vote shall we? Who thinks naughty bunnies who empty their bladder while sitting right next to someone on the sofa should even get their own Sunday blog post?


"I vote no too."

"How many votes do I get?"

Well I tell you what Whisky, I'll think about that while I wait for the machine to finish washing all of my clothes.


  1. Whiskey gets my proxy. I assume he will be voting "yes" with it.

  2. Any chance the wee on the sofa is an indication of bladder issues? Always give the bunny a reasonable doubt so the jury votes not guilty.

  3. How can any bun with that face be guilty?. He can't help it if he relaxes well. Jennifer

  4. It seems to me that this account really doesn't measure up to the kind of reporting a true bunnocracy requires. There were no other eye witnesses. Motive has not been established unless, unless you would like to explain what YOU did. I am assuming the couch had not misbehaved and was a true innocent bystander.