Monday 1 September 2014

Jester Mouf

Bunnies have teeth that constantly grow, which they wear down by many daily hours of grazing. Evil human meddling with their evolution to breed cuter, rounder-faced bunnies is likely to blame for many of the dental issues we see. When the top teeth don't grow straight and in line with the bottom teeth they don't wear properly and evenly. Consequently we have bunnies who either suffer regular dentals at the vets or, in the worse cases, end up having the offending teeth removed.

As if they know it's our faults, bunnies who have had their incisors (front teeth) removed always look as though they about a second away from sticking their tongues out at us...


  1. oh can i give you a big Smooch Jester?xx Rachel

  2. Thank you all for taking care of them. You all seem very young, so I don't know if you realize how rare and precious you are. You care for all this livingness that comes your way. In my life I see humans bound by kinship, sacred oaths, ancestral injunctions, and the sacred gift of free will who never lift a finger for that which lives, that which feels pain, loss, confusion. Bless you as you care for each other and your little charges. Bless you for doing something, for doing something together. This is known by the word miracle. As you were, angels! Carry on!