Tuesday 3 February 2015

Frozen in Real Life

When I was at the Rescue a few days ago, this happened:

In case it's not all that clear in the photo, 'this' was the skies turning white and starting to drop large amounts of snow on us. It showed no signs of stopping, so fearing being snowed in I decided to leave early, which unfortunately means I have no new and exciting photo's for you. Never mind though, fortunately I have a few untold tales to tell from recent weeks to keep us going! Today, taken from a few weeks back, here is a little encounter I had with super-friendly Phea and her little old man, Astin...

"Hey Astin, come 'ere, that funny partially-shaved monkey who does the head massages is here!"

"Well come on then, I'll have the basic nose-to-ear face-rub. And forget the cucumber eye mask, I'll take a carrot slice on the right and parsley leaf on the left please."

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