Friday 13 February 2015

The White One Loves Saurus

"We brought Jeffrey (also known as Free or The White One) to the Rescue after our beloved eight-year-old lionhead cross, Daisy, passed away. Although I wouldn’t say that Jeffrey was depressed, he had become destructive, and it was clear that he was very lonely on his own. He needed a new friend to keep him company.

Caroline knows that my husband, Tom, and I are complete suckers for lionheads. We were shown the beautiful Salsa, a harlequin lionhead that had not long been separated from her babies: Boz, Browncloud, Jar-Jar Binkies, Noelle, Picante and last but by no means least Silvio, and we fell in love. Salsa was very timid and Caroline told us that she would need a rab friend to look after her. We hoped and prayed that Jeffrey would fall in love with Salsa as much as we had.

Jeffrey is a pretty laid back bun, so all fingers were crossed for a strong and speedy bond. We certainly weren’t disappointed. Caroline weaved her bonding magic, and in only a few short days Jeffrey and Salsa (sometimes known as Salsasaur or Saurus) were very much a couple and came home with us.

At first, Salsa was very shy and nervous of humans. However, Jeffrey soon showed her the ropes; where the food came from, how to get into the house and even how to do some tricks. The two are now very much as thick as thieves. Jeffrey is clearly the brains behind the operation, communicating his naughty thoughts to Salsa. Salsa turns Jeffrey’s thoughts into actions, and often takes the rap (see photo of Salsa on the table with Jeffrey cheering her on at the sidelines)!

Jeffrey and Salsa have wonderful individual personalities that complement each other perfectly. Thank you Caroline for finding Jeffrey his perfect match!"


  1. I sometimes think that the more bunnies get to be themselves, the more they can love each other.

  2. I love it when one spurs the other one to be naughty and take the wrap - As you say Jeffrey is obviously the brains in this relationship :) How cute are they?