Tuesday 1 December 2015

Tuesday Tail #Last?

I'm considering abandoning Tuesday Tail altogether as a theme. It's not just that I am at the Rescue less and finding I have less photos to match the themed posts, but also when I do try and deliberately take photos for Tuesdays it always feels a bit...creepy somehow.

[singing]"Just NOOOMMMMMMMIN in the grass, just nommin in the grass, what a glorious fee..."

"...what the???!!"

"Hey! How would you like it if I took photos of YOUR butt!"

With those paws? I'd be impressed. But yeah, point taken Hoppy, I'll leave you in peace to your grass nommage!


  1. If Hoppy wanted to, Hoppy could TOTALLY take pictures of you. But since there's hay to nom, parsley to parse, and the air to sniff, you'll get away with it THIS time..

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Shady. No one was going to let B-HV get away with that, but you have said it the best. Do you think all photographers are so self-obsessed and denigrating and jealous? Do they all want to crush the spirits of all other camera toting aspirants? And, how can he find fewer pictures for Tuesday Tail? Every bunny has a tail. For the rest, are there no extroverts at R3?