Thursday 1 September 2016

Syringe-Food Face

A while back I was forced to admit defeat over doing Bugsy's daily injections and returned the foster bunnies to the Rescue early. There are volunteers and workers at the Rescue who do these things every day and are far better at not stabbing themselves with needles than I am.

The very next time I volunteered at the Rescue, Sprat decided to show his appreciation for this by refusing to eat. That's OK, I thought, we can bond over some syringe feeding. He took the food, but I'm not sure this is the look of an impressed bunny who enjoyed snacky cuddles with his foster dad...

What do you think?

NOTE: The very next day he ate fine. I wasn't there that day. Feel the love.


  1. When I feed they look round my legs as if they're looking for someone, Sprat then does a little pout and puts his head down as that person isn't there. :(
    (Then he gets his mush which usually cheers him up)

  2. OMGawsh, that look is priceless! >_<

  3. Oh, yes, I am feeling it . . . but you all over there call it love, do you? Interesting . . .