Thursday 29 September 2016

Updated Foot

Despite two skin grafts and lots of 'cage rest', Archimedes' foot has not greatly improved. Unfortunately this means our vets are having to explore other more serious options. His mental health is also a big consideration though, so in the meantime his empire has gradually re-expanded and he has been allowed additional roaming privileges. Mostly this is around the hospital barn and mostly the floor in his area is covered in fabricated fluffiness, but to lift his mood he does also get some time outside in the sun.

While everyone is understandably anxious about his future, Archimedes has certainly cheered up as a result of the extra freedoms. In fact, witnessing the less-grumpy-lump King Archi and the speed he now moves when the veg arrives in the morning it is sometimes easy to forget how serious his condition is.

"You know what I need? Healing treats. Now, what variety of carrots are good for the skin?"

1 comment:

  1. I was wondering how His Majesty had been doing!

    Have you not been carting him around in his wheelbarrow? No wonder he's been grumpy!