Monday 24 December 2012

It's a Yin-Yang Thang

I don't hold up much hope for bonding Whisky and Jemima - they are both too bossy and un-yielding to accept each other. Plus, he REALLY likes humping, she REALLY doesn't.

They've been out in the garden at the same time and seem to cope when supervised, but at some point one of them will march over and demand attention, then get grumpy when they don't receive it. As with many of the other bunnies we've tried him with, it seems the only time Whisky gets on with Jemima with no problems is when he's distracted by food.


  1. They look gorgeous together.
    I hope you all have a very merry xmas, and thank you for all the amazing blogs.

  2. Ahh for a moment there I thought you'd managed to get them to be friends which would be so wonderful. Stomach's rule as always.

  3. But how cute they look together,Merry Christmas to you all ,xx speedy and mum

  4. Win some - lose some. All fine in the end!! Merry Christmas.

  5. Hard headed Bunneh Wunnehs. Gotta love 'em!
    Happy Christmas to all our UK Bunneh Wunnehs and their slaves!!!