Friday 28 December 2012

Life With Mars

We lost dear Dexter a few weeks back. He had been soldiering on through breathing problems for some time, had gone to live with Vicki for an easier life and some close attention, but very sadly went downhill quickly and passed away. I will leave his story for Vicki to tell some day.

Dexter left behind his partner Mars, a very shy little straight-eared black bunny we hardly ever saw. So shy, she wouldn't even eat in front of me at the Rescue. Knowing she would quickly become stressed on her own, Caroline decided to bond her straight away with Kirk, a big handsome agouti bunny who has been with us waiting for a home for too long.

It will be interesting to see how their relationship affects her and whether she becomes more confident. Kirk is very bold, friendly, quite full of energy, almost the opposite of Mars.

So far it is looking promising - I don't think she has ever gotten this close to me (of her own choosing) before, with or without parsley!

"Husbuns are supposed to share! Now let go so I can go and share it with myself!"


  1. Mars is a precious, cute little thang. Look at that big ole bunny! I have found that in bunny terms, opposites definitely attract!

  2. Oh that is wonderful for her,she is a little sweetie