Friday 15 February 2013

Size Isn't Everything

Curses! Those techno-lutionists over at GooglyHQ have updated the Blogger tools again - suddenly my pictures are shrinking and I'm not being offered the option to wrap centring divs round them anymore. Are centring divs demode now? No-one tells me anything. Well anyway, I do apologise if things look a bit funny here for a few days on Big Ears, Tiny Tales while I re-adjust to the "new way". I guess I'll figure it all out soon enough. [huge-sigh]

Oh, and here's a tiny picture of some rabbits.

"Smaller?! If anything Pudsy's butt looks bigger than it did this morning!"


  1. Sorry about the picture problem but that's a really cute picture!!:)

    From all of us at Fantastic Furry Friends!

  2. When you load a picture on your blog, right click it and it will give you options to resize before you publish.

  3. You get google blogger figured out for good you write a book. You become rich.