Thursday 28 February 2013

A Close One

Dear Diary

Last night I had to suffer having a new indignity inflicted on me by my thoughtless human.  On top of driving me across two counties to sit in a room with nasty doggies that show too much interest in me, whisking me into another room where I'm poked and prodded before having things flushed from my ears and eyes, THIS time I was also handed off to ANOTHER strange human and taken away for a shave!  A SHAVE!  I mean really.  I wouldn't mind so much, but she only did one side and didn't take any off the back.  The regular strange human with the poky fingers said something about "making it easier to wash my face", but I reckon she was making excuses while they train up a new barber.

Well anyway, I'm off to thin out the edge of the hall carpet with my claws.  Let's see what he thinks of THAT one-sided shave.

Catch you later,

Whisky Bunny


  1. Poor Whiskey. I hope they warm whatever it is they flush his ears and eyes with.

  2. Dear Whisky,
    You are still absolutely gorgeous. How's the carpet looking?!

  3. Oh dear, it looks like you need a better hare-dresser than that, Whisky. I hope you didn't leave a tip.

  4. You poor bunneh! How do you cope! Demand some extra treats.