Thursday 21 February 2013

The Big Orange

We have a wide variety of different accommodation at the Rescue for bunnies of all shapes, sizes and requirements. It ranges from the individual hutches/cages (used for emergencies, quarantine, nursing or short-term) through sheds/hutches attached to runs up to big aviaries. Sadly, so many of the rabbits who come to us have known nothing bigger than a hutch it is not surprising they can get a bit confused.

"Your sheds ARE comfy and warm, with so much to eat. I think I will like living in this one."

Er...actually, that's the hay shed. Yours is over there...


  1. Look at those ears. Orange, I would love to give you a home! It would ONLY take about two trains, one ship, six buses, and a Winnebago to get you here, but someday I might just be rich enough to that for a bunny. And I WOULD, too!!!

  2. Oh go on - give him the hay shed!

  3. By the looks of it, I think Orange has claimed the hay shed as his turf!!

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