Monday 8 April 2013

The Grassy LOL

Angus and Jessie, along with a number of our other residents, have given up their spacious accommodation to some holiday boarders for a few days while we are busy for the Easter break. This is not ideal for them, but the donations from boarders help keep the Rescue going, so a few days of relative confinement is a small price to pay.

Angus' back problems mean his exercise is very important to his health, so whenever we have enough volunteers on site to supervise we try to let them out into a larger space. As you can see, Angus makes FULL use of his exercise time...

"So I said to Esther, 'Leave me on the grass while you clean, I can have a run around and stretch my back'. And here I am.  Well, if I'd said ' I'll catch the sun better for my afternoon nap' do you think she would have let me out??!!"


  1. He is such a cool rabbit. I wish I could adopt him and let him rule in style at my house.

  2. me too Brandi,he's gorgeous,xx Rachel

  3. "It's so fluffy! I'm gonna die!!!!"