Saturday 14 September 2013

Her Name Is Noelle...Maybe

Since the fight with her sister, poor Noelle (as we are currently calling her) has been stuck in a cage for most of the time. With space here in our house in such short supply recently and with tensions running high with her sister, she rarely even got out to play.

Her brothers having been packed off back to the Rescue Thursday, yesterday morning I moved her outside into the shed and run, so she now has more than 75 square foot of space all to her self with lots of stimulation and fun things to do. Now I've got her back in a decent space, the next project is to get her "people confidence" up before she goes back.

Well anyway, since she hasn't had a day on the blog all by herself, I thought today should be that day. So here you go.

"It can be a bit lonely out here on my own. You know what else is lonely? This last snack in my bowl. Best you scoot off and get it some more friends."


  1. Are her little ears going to expand to fill all available space in her new run? I would like to suggest dropping the "poor." You don't want to give the little one a "plex."

  2. Ain't she just gorgeous? Could she not be paired with our very own Whisky?

    1. Brandi, My guess is that B-H V could reuse this picture with Noelle's new response being "Whaaat?" As for Whiskey, who wants a partner who calls her friends snacks? Love the new food blog. Still need the restaurant, though.

    2. If I thought there was any chance she would work out with Whisky, I would certainly put them together. With all his problems though, attempting a bonding is a high stakes game for all involved. The half dozen previous attempts, some at the Rescue some in neutral spaces at home, probably a dozen different bunnies in total, have all taught us he (and they) are probably safer not trying.

  3. Dear B-H V, Visiting this wonderful space has gotten me to think more about unintended consequences. I don't think Noelle is a good name for this little bunny. Noelle starts with the ever dreaded "no." She could get confused.