Tuesday 10 September 2013

Life At A Slow Pace

"I quite fancy being a snail. I'd still get all this tasty greenery but with no chance of stoopid humans trying to stroke my head while I'm eating."


  1. Luvvin'-up-on, snorgles, pets, kisses, squee's, and adoration are all part of the misery you must endure for being so dadgum cute.
    Sucks to be you, as the saying goes...

  2. We do take advantage of our bunns at crucial moments.

    1. I have a rule at home: Mealtimes are for eating and no human interference is permitted until bunny is finished.
      You can tell so much about their health by their eagerness for food, how fast they finish it, whether they leave any etc. I want them to know that those few minutes every day are theirs to enjoy - I want to know that if they don't come for dinner it is because they are unwell, not because they are scared they might get scooped for a prolonged brushing session!

    2. B-V H, thank you for this insight. I would never trick a bunny. I was just kidding about what I said, but you have gotten me to think about the serious consequences of human silliness.

  3. But it is too irresistible NOT to pet you!