Thursday 19 September 2013

Rubber Chomper

"Again, putting me on the blog? Haven't you bugged me enough this week?"

The trust training with Noelle continues. I don't have a formal system of training or assessing progress, I kind of 'wing it' based on the individual and the sum of my previous experience, but certainly I count:

"If you sit on the floor, will jump on your lap to say 'Hi!', even if you're not holding snacks"

as a milestone. Question though - should I count it if, once perched on my legs, she promptly went about eating the rubber soles of my shoes? I mean, it's not a REAL snack...

NOTE: As you can see from the wide-eyed expression in the above pic (taken on my phone), she doesn't quite trust me to take her picture this close yet, otherwise you'd have had one of the chomping itself!


  1. Those ears! She is a winter bunny. I can tell. When I look at her, I smell snow in the air, not falling, more like floating, like gossamer flakes in the stillness of night. She is the poem of a winter solstice.
    Or it could just be that you call her Noelle. I am very open to suggestion; I am a used car salesman's dream come true.

  2. she has the most amazing ears ,love them,xx Rachel

  3. As I said before, I still think she should be called "Yeselle." Or anything that doesn't start with "no." I understand that you can not be expected to respond to my every query, but I do try to be helpful. (See "Her name is..."). For example, because of the power of the word "no," I have trained myself to eliminate the word "know." See, I could have said, "I know you can't be expected.." I still want to send Whiskey his muffler...maybe HE knows what one is. Tell him to tell A.