Friday 25 October 2013

Bun, Interrupted

"Did you want something? Only I'm quite busy. This hay won't throw itself out of my hutch onto the newly swept floor you know."


  1. Go for it Eccels...spread that hay everywhere!!

  2. B-H V, congratulations on the photo. Personally, I would continue to go for the "snuggle" pictures and the "snail" pictures, but the "berating volunteers" picture certainly does meet all your long sought criteria for a picture of Eccels. We hope this great triumph has filled you with that uplifting sense of triumph and accomplishment that meeting a challenge and prevailing in the important work of life should bring. If this is not what you are feeling, then go help that bunny.

  3. Oh don't mind us keep at us you're keeping us in a job you know Eccels,xx Rachel