Saturday 19 October 2013

It's Bonkers (And Jenga)

It's been a crazy, tiring week. I had a four day stretch where I spent three of them at the Rescue. That was one regular volunteering day and two standing in for Caroline while she was off training veterinary professionals and attending a rabbit forum event. Not only that, but on all three of those days I did some...well...what can I say? Cleaning. Me. Actual cleaning at the Rescue! Old school (did I just say that?) volunteering. It was highly therapeutic. And, I have to say, it has nearly finished me off, regular Mr Lazy that I usually am.

Oh well, it was great spending so much time with our residents (except maybe the rainy day, when they just watched me with amusement from their shelters) but now, I think I must sleep. For a couple of days maybe.

While you await my return to consciousness, here's some floofy brothers day-dreaming. (Or napping. It's hard to tell under the floof.)


  1. Seriously these bunnies look like woolly mammoths. I hope you have arranged some entertainment for Whiskey while you sleep it off. You can't expect a bunn like Whiskey to keep amusing himself with your DVDs. Thanks for taking care of the bunnehs. I am sure the rainy day ridicule builds character.

  2. OMG Jane you are so right Woolly Mammoths hehehe,at leat we humans a good for something cleaning a nd providing amusment for bunnies,xx Rachel