Monday, 17 November 2014

Roscoe and Tennessee Rehomed

Good news guys, we found you a nice new home!

You don't need to look so surprised Tennessee, you are so adorable, of course someone wanted you to join their family!

"Really, we're moving? When you haven't so much as shown us a menu for this new place yet?!"

Don't worry Roscoe, your new mum is our good friend Esther, she will no doubt spoil you rotten with all your favourite treats!


  1. I love these 2 they are very spoilt by me..they have been renamed toffee and caramel ;)

  2. I'd think they'd be the ones presenting the menu to their new HuMum.. :)

    Congratulations to them on their new home!

  3. Oh, Esther, thank you so much for giving these little ones a chance. May you be blessed as you have blessed them with your kindness.

  4. Yup - I think the required menu items will be "discovered" in pretty short order!