Monday 20 April 2015

Never Say No To A Nethi it too late to change my answer? [gulp]


  1. You know Sherman sort of looks like Snook on It's A Big, Big World. H doesn't, but she reminds me of a really old blue and white tile from the Netherlands I got to see once. In the middle of it was this precious picture of a little Dutchie. I heard that whichever relative Napoleon put on the Dutch throne first introduced himself to his subjects with the rousing proclamation, "I am your rabbit." I could just imagine half of the audience thinkin they were really done for now and the other half thinking, "If only." I don't mean to make light of very grave times, but I wonder if it's true. You know we have that JFK thing.

  2. I think this is one of my favourite photo's this year, possibly ever!