Thursday 2 April 2015

The Netherlands

You can't always tell the sizes of the buns in my pics as there is often nothing else nearby to compare them to, so let me just tell you that our teeniest, tiniest, could-sit-in-your-hand sized adult residents are Mr Burny Whiskers (partner of Mod*), Weeny* (currently single and so far not really enjoying the dating scene) and Little Snow (partner of Dappy). There's something about a tiny demanding bunny that is just so adorable and very difficult to say no to!

"Breakfast was fine - but it's time for some brunchy crunchies now, yes?"

Argh...can't resist...tiny...face! Have the treats, Little Snow! Have ALL the treats! [sigh]

*NOTE - Mod and Weeny haven't made it onto the blog yet, but they are such characters I'm sure they will soon, so I've just stuck those links in there ready!


  1. Snow is just to cute and very strong in Disapproval force,xx Rachel

  2. Like you said. They are Neanderthals. None of them are small. They are huge, gigantic, teweeeble, turible beasties. And they want us for brunchies.

  3. The amount of cuteness and bunnitude is definitely inversely proportional to the size of the bunn, except for the case of larger bunns in which case it is directly proportional ... or whatever the 9th Rule of Bunny is ...