Monday, 4 May 2015

A Servant in the Grass

These bunnies are a cheeky lot. You do something for one and all of a sudden they're all demanding extra from you...

Sorry Gabriel, you can stand there as long as you like with your mouth open, you're not Whisky, I'm not picking the grass and putting it in there for you!


  1. We've decided you are just in a churlish mood and have failed to notice that this bunn has cocked his ear to listen to the grass grow...always a jaw dropping experience for a bunn bunn.

  2. Hey, Tough Guy (B-HV), remember syringe feeding every few hours? Now, how about a little grass for old times sake . . . not the grass he is listening to, the other stuff. You know you created these arrogant little tyrants - syringe feeding, bonding, leaving the tequila and Christmas ornaments out. You have no one to thank but yourself, and, of course, we thank you, too.

    1. Whilst my impulse is to give this bunny the world should he ask, one can see that in this case he would subsequently request for the rest of the universe to go with it. Needs must be met, but desires, they can be infinite in nature with one leading to another then another. The skill is knowing where to draw lines over which one will not be overly disapproved of or enthusiastically chomped.

    2. I don't see why this universe should be a problem. Mind you, I don't think we should put alternate universes on the table . . . at least not right away.