Thursday 13 August 2015

Bossypants And The Box

Last week we received a sample from bunny treat delivery service Bunny Box, so I asked our Anouska to review the contents for today's post. Unfortunately, when it came to the pre-review photo-shoot (i.e. while there were still snacks left in the box to photograph), apparently the light was 'all kinds of wrong' and made her ears look 'somehow smaller' (she can be a bit of a diva) so we had to abandon that for now. The Bunny Box review will have to wait until the session can be rearranged, preferably with a 'more professional photographer'. That'll be me in a wig then.

While we wait for Miss Bossypants to come down off her high hutch, here's Maximus pulling funny faces at us from inside his house.


  1. Maximus gets a little over excited when he sees you coming and rattles the door to remind you to let him out on the grass for playtime (which according to him is most of the time), which is what he is *actually* doing here, in case you wondered!

  2. Oh, yeah, and any bunny who can only be "a bit of a diva" is also not trying hard enough.