Saturday 1 August 2015

Green Dreams Are Made Of This

"Wait, what was I doing before I fell asleep? I think it was something...tasty..."


  1. Why I do believe you're right,xx Rachel

    1. Because you are really smart, Rachel, and you're a great cook. I guess it is a little early for reports on the progress of the Christmas cake? Bet you are thinking about it though.

  2. If that little morsel didn't look like it was full of chlorophyll, I would make some comment about the importance of dental hygiene, but then again, I would never want to say anything that might embarrass Archimedes. He's so sophisticated and can get a bit uptight about what humans think . . . self conscious and obsessed by image. Poor little bunkin, wish we could do a better job of assuring him of our unconditional love, but what can you do with these bunns once they are seduced by the limelight?