Friday 13 May 2016


My set-up at home is not the best, especially as it requires (thanks to some poor planning on my part) that anyone wishing to enter the shed must climb into the run and shimmy through like a member of the SAS, the aviary attachment is shorter than I am and the additional puppy-panel enclosure that they can be allowed out into with supervision is so tall my mother can hardly get her legs over it.

That aside, I seem to have a new challenge. Next to my shed I have an old hutch I use for storage and, seeing an opportunity to fundraise in the upcoming sunnier and warmer weather, I planned to retrieve some old plant pots and grow flowers and herbs. My plan was thwarted in moments when I found that Mr and Mrs Bob had other ideas.

Yes, I now have (I believe) four Boblings right next to my door latch on the shed. After carefully sneaking around them and periodically scaring Mrs Bob out of the nest as she was incubating, I now have to suffer from barrages of melodic aggression like machine gun fire every time I even think of going near my own rabbits.

Thanks guys, what a great place to raise a family! Only another week or so to go... right?


  1. Sounds just about perfect. Bunnies, keep your perimeters secure.

  2. Congratulations - you are now a grandma :) so you will just have to get used to not being in charge anymore. Hope they are all ok and I assume this was an unexpected arrival. Jennifer

  3. I've just realised these are birds not buns :) silly me. I'm rabbit obsessed :)

  4. Definitely very unexpected ;) The Boblings have now left the nest, which means I get told off every time I even think of going into the garden, much less going near the rabbits!