Saturday 7 May 2016

Hard Graft

Some weeks back we found Archimedes had split his foot open. It was quite a serious injury requiring him to have surgery to try to close the hole and treatment to avoid infection. The surgery was difficult due to the wound, we knew then it might not be enough and he might need a graft and that is in fact exactly where we were this week.

So on Wednesday he went in for a second surgery. If that doesn't take either then the last resort will be amputation, but it seemed to go well so we are hopeful. He is now in recovery and though he seems to be doing OK he is very grumpy about his enforced confinement while the healing happens. I mean, like, SUPER grumpy. This is Archimedes we are taking about.

Well anyway, rather than grumped out cage-rest pics, today we have a couple of pre-surgery photos from last week of the freedom (to trip volunteers!) he usually enjoys and will soon hopefully have back. Get better soon Archimedes!


  1. Get well soon little man,we can't have you grumpy ,xx Rachel

  2. Yes, Little One, we are praying for a speedy recovery. We look forward to another very special Eureka Moment. This would be the one where you find them, all those responsible for what you must be perceiving as "this outrage." In the meantime, we will all see if we can get together some coinage for the medical bill. That guy on the bike is so cool. When you are well, maybe he'll give you a ride. Hmmmmm, I may be channeling Queen Bo and the barrow.