Sunday 8 May 2016

Doses Are Read

In the weeks since Caroline left we have been running a properly organised rota to make sure all the daily tasks are covered. There are slots each day for breakfast, morning meds, water, afternoon meds, dinner and cleaning, plus the vet run several days each week. This ensures nothing ever gets missed and we always know in advance which days we might need to rustle up extra help. All the volunteers have been absolutely amazing, rallying round to make sure everything gets done.

Depending on the different skills in each days team, covering everything can sometimes require us to switch around, so for example now instead of my usual opening of the Rescue and breakfast tasks I might be moved to one of the meds slots. On days that there are no injections to give I'm fine with this (I don't mind needles, I've had training and experience with giving injections, but if I've not done it for a while I get paranoid I'll incorrectly stab bunnies or my fingers) but there are so many bunnies to medicate and different things you need to know it can be quite complicated. Sometimes you might even need to work out how much of a medicine to give based on weight, concentration and dose prescribed by the vet.

If you need help with the maths, you can of course ask the bunnies to work it out for you. I gave Twizzel all the relevant numbers for his meds a few minutes ago, he's just crunching them in his head for me right now, he's going to give us the answer...

..any second now...

...maybe I'll just go get the calculator.


  1. Perhaps a Cray Super computer? I mean if the bunny is taking this much time?

  2. I think he is just working out how many treats he can wangle from you post medication.