Thursday 9 June 2016


Always the highlight of my meds round these last two months has been Elf, the easiest rabbit in the world to medicate and a bundle of laughs. Whenever he knew I was coming he would rush to the door and wait. No matter how many syringes with whatever medicine, he would grab them and play tug of war. What is not to love?

Recently he had been unwell, taking longer than we would have liked to recover, but did eventually stabilise and seemed to be happy and comfortable, if extremely thin. I think he liked the attention really and I liked giving him attention, but the universe had more things up its sleeve. Iain, our vet, believes that Elf may well have had lymphoma and would likely never have recovered. Sadly for us, he left the world by himself last weekend, quite suddenly and unexpectedly. We are glad at least that he seemed to go on a high.

Goodbye, sweet boy.


  1. What a precious bunny. Thank you for your loving care. When a bunny rushes to meet you, you know you have made it.

    1. Especially if what you're offering are syringes of meds.